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Manon and Erik

Michelle could never really relax when we were sleeping together. So when we found Eromix on the internet, we ordered it right away. Half an hour after we had finished our mixed drinks, I could already notice that Michelle was getting loose. Chattering and sitting on me all the time. Then I went to kiss her and she was immediately sold. I've never heard her moan like this before, she had no inhibitions at all and Michelle said she has never enjoyed sex this much.

Ron and Michelle

I wanted to surprise Ramon with a Tropical Night at our house, so I also ordered Eromix via the internet and bought all the ingredients to create a tropical mix. Ramon came home when I had already finished the first mix. I couldn't contain myself anymore and just assaulted him in the hall. My own husband. He didn't know what was happening to him. This stuff works really, really well on me.

Ramon and Karin